5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Eyes While Gaming

gaming trends 2018Children are more prone to hardcore gaming. The game has become ultimate entertainment source for youngsters. They spend several hours on playing games. Some high graphics games are designed in the sense to engage users for long period of time.

Once you start playing such games, it will be hard for you to stop playing it. It uses neuroscience technology to engage the users by releasing the dopamine in your brain which forces the player to play more.

However, the gaming experience has its own side effect connected to it. When a person spends many hours playing the game on their desktop computer or the gaming laptop, his / her eye start hurting. The eye strain has become a common problem in the hardcore gamer.

It produces the visual problems that indicate your eyesight is affected due to continued exposure to the bright light. It is important that you should take care of your eye while playing games on our computer.


These simple tips will help you to protect eyes while gaming


gaming monitor

The first action that you need to take is upgrading your monitor with the latest technology. The computer manufacturing companies have noticed the problem many years back and now they building monitor that reduces the eyesight problems.

Today’s monitors are built with smart technology which enables the screen to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast as per the room lighting. If you are still using the old monitor, then it is time to replace it with the latest technology.


laptop room lighting

Before you start playing the game on your computer look at the room lighting. People who play the game in the darkroom generally get exposed to the radiation produced by the computer monitor. Have proper lighting in the room to make the gaming experience enjoyable.

In contrast, the bright lights also generate the similar effect so avoid having bright light as well. Keep the lighting in balance and enjoy your gaming without damaging your eyes.


laptop screen glare

Arrange your laptop screen or monitor properly where you are not faced with any kind of reflection or the glare from the material. The walls, glass or any sort of the stuff should be kept away from the glare producing side. Cover the windows with curtains so the sunlight will not affect your eyes.

If you are using glasses, then choose the anti-reflective coating glasses. It reduces the light reflecting through the surface of the lenses.


windows screen brightness

Today’s monitors are more advanced in automatically adjusting the display according to the surrounding lights. You can also adjust the brightness and color contrast by using given buttons on the monitor. Keep it in the natural tone to get the seamless experience.

Brightness, Color temperature, red and blue shift are some of the screen related setting you can monitor and make the screen look appealing. The heavy brightness can hurt your eye so keep it in a moderated setting. Change it according to the room lights and enjoy your favorite game without any trouble.


laptop user relax

Many hardcore gamers are fascinated with the gaming experience. They play games for several hours, but one thing they do not notice that they are hurting their eyesight. The continued exposure to the computer screen will damage your retina.

It is better you avoid such effect by taking a break in every 2 hours of your gaming time. The break allows your eye to maintain its health and get into the normal environment.


In conclusion

The eyes are a most precious body part of all. You have to take care of it at any cost. It is recommended for the hardcore gamer that they follow the above instruction to Protect eyes while gaming.

Make the gaming experience remarkable without compromising your health.

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