Best Computer Games [Updated for 2019]

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Are you feeling too lethargic and bored with all your studies and activities and need to shed off some heat?

Gaming is one of the proven activities that help you to get good relaxation and entertainment.

And with all the exciting and cool visual effects and resolution that video games offer today, you certainly need to get in touch with a few.

Cool off your brain and get good instincts and creativity by playing some of the coolest computer games of the year.

The games today are not only meant for children but can be played by people of all groups and culture.


With a gradual decrease in the physical activities in our day to day lives and increasing complexities of our schedule, we are now left with too less choices to entertain ourselves and get the right medium to entertain ourselves.

Computer games not only help you to rejoice your mood but also help you sharpen your brain by causing it to be active and focused. Most games would also include some mysteries that you would need to solve and cause you to involve strategies thus enabling you to exercise your brain to the fullest.

Let us look at some of the coolest games that are available in the market at the present and the factors that make so popular.


Best Computer Games of 2019

There has been lots of awesome computer games this year. Going through each one of them is surely a difficult task. There are more contenders that are sprouting every day with genres varying widely.

It can surely be said that this year is being quite productive with respect to the number and qualities of games that have turned up so far and are coming in by the day.

So far most of them have turned out to be good and some are really great. Let us take a look at some of the best PC games that have turned up in the market in 2019.


Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam

The game features 64 players and heavy shooting tactics that has continued from the Red Orchestra and the Rising Storm series. The scenario has, however, shifted from the World War II to Vietnam.

There are automatics available in every hand. The game requires the development of sound strategies since positioning and use of smoke grenades is absolutely important. Battlefield intel is very important in this game.

There is a new Supremacy mode that has been introduced but it is not that effective, but the linear matches in different territories are great.

Summing up, the crude instincts needed for battlefield analysis is very important in this game. It requires speed, accuracy and great awareness and it retains the series’ original devotion to teamwork.

However, the aspects of modern day combat are not too significant.




The game was originally designed for consoles, but now is available in PCs. It is a shooter game that gives you a third person view and lets you slide across the map, decapitating robots on the way. Its a shooter game no doubt, but requires cleverness and tact.

Thus, it is a very interesting subversive cover shooter and the loop would never get too old.



The game is pretty fabulous. The combat is quite disappointing, but the mimics are pretty awesome. It might be a coffee mug or just a chair ready to pounce on you. The open space station is pretty amazing and there are freeform creative problems that need to be solved that make Prey one of the most wonderful games.

Not only that, the introduction to the game is also thoroughly exciting and cool and make you fall in love with the game immediately.

Gathering all the points, the combat might not be all that great and some of the enemies might seem pretty boring, but Prey would still seem to you a beautiful simulation.


James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing

Everything is like a wonderful game that surely makes quite the impossible pretty possible. Though it does not let you do literally anything, but it is still a delight. The game truly lives up to its name. It would let you become a planet or even a tiny microbe.

You can get into a cow and do anything that you would like. The game creates a surreal gaming space and is literally unlike any that you would come to face.

Summing up, the game is totally surreal and can seem really queer, but there is surely nothing like Everything on PC.


Outlast 2

Outlast 2 can present you with the first person horror at it zenith. The game, however, suffers from a little confusion in the stealth segments. But you would not feel that deficiency due to the pure horror that is created by the Outlast 2.

Even after you have ended the game, you would feel quite uneasy and not be able to believe that what you saw did actually happen. It has one of the most awkward ending scenarios and it would really get onto your nerves and make you feel feared like you have never done before.

The stealth and pursuit portrayed in the prequel hasn’t changed that much since Outlast, but the game encounters a beautiful and brutal journey and makes you go through various spiritual anxieties.


The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale is a pretty curious adventure game. The player is returned to the start of the game which is a costume ball again and again. The quest is to prevent a series of murders that is going to take place during the evening.

The built-in repetitiveness might become boring but the beauty and the cunningness required might change the your feeling about that.

The game is very stylish and adventurous, to be summed up, and this time rewinding hook is quite clever.



Bayonetta is one of the best PC games ever in terms of the hack and slash games. Such games only arrive in the market after severe waiting and patience. The fluid fighting style employed in Bayonetta, the dodges, combos and the hair based attacks are simply amazing.

The visual effects of the game can only be properly experienced through 4K and a 60 fps support. You would be really thrilled with the game. The flow with which the fighting style continues is pretty amazing. For instance, while you are doing a combo, you can easily do a dodge and then continue with the combo thereafter.

The fluency with which the attacks are delivered is simply awesome.

To sum up, Bayonetta is one of the best hack and slash games and there are not many like it in the market.


With all these wonderful games been launched in the year 2019, you would really love gaming in just a few days.



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