Best Laptops For Sims 4 – UPDATED for 2020

One of the most popular games even in 2020, Sims is fun and exciting to play. The game has come a long way since it started in 2000. Sims 4 was launched for Windows in 2014 and a year later for iOS. The latest version of the game allows creating your own characters, building your houses and developing relationships between characters.

Laptop configurations with i9 CPUs, RTX 2080 GPUs, and as much as 64GB of RAM sure seem very appealing. But when you find out how much they cost, your budget quickly brings you down to earth.

Do you need to spend several grand on a gaming laptop for something as undemanding as the game? Certainly not.

You may ask, can you get Sims 4 on a laptop without any performance issue? If so, what to buy then?

If this is the question that bothers you, then our roundup of the best laptops to play the game may be able to help you!

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Picking the correct one

First off, let’s try to understand what you need to pay attention to when picking the best laptop to play Sims 4.

In this guide, we won’t dive too deep into the technical stuff and will just overview two main things to keep in mind – system requirements and your needs other than playing the game. And when over-viewing the selected good laptops for sims 4 , we will focus around on these two criteria more.

System requirements

The sims 4 laptop requirements are as follows.



sims game screenshot

The game can basically run on a potato computer if we are speaking modern computer capabilities. A PC that would easily manage The game maxed out wouldn’t cost a fortune.  If you intend to play only The Sims 4 and won’t do any resource-intensive jobs like rendering or video editing, you won’t need a monster of a computer.

Your other needs

Don’t forget to consider your other needs as well. If you are intending to play other games, have a look at their system requirements. Ideally, you would want to go for the recommended specs of the most demanding game.

Also, if you do any kind of graphical or other work, you may want to get a little more powerful laptop. Pay special attention to the RAM and CPU of the computer, as well as the GPU for graphic-intensive tasks. Again, aim at the system requirements of the most demanding software you will be using.

Now Lets see what laptop works best with Sims game from below section. 

Our top picks for Best laptops for Sims 4

MSI Gaming Laptop

If you want a high-performance laptop that isn’t too over the top, then the MSI GL62M might be the most suitable laptop to play the game for you. In fact, this laptop can do much more than this.

Equipped with a 7th-gen i7-7700HQ 2.8-3.8GHz 4-core CPU and GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card, this laptop is quite the powerhouse. As claimed by MSI, the configuration of this laptop allows it to deliver 58 fps in Battlefield 1, 73 fps in Overwatch, and around 60 fps in a few other FPS games on ultra settings. If you do love to play FPS sometimes, then this laptop is a solid choice.

Storage is also great in the MSI GL62M laptop – this thing is equipped with a 1TB HDD, as well as a 128GB M.2 SSD. The former is great for long-term file storage, while the latter allows for very quick system startup and game loading.

The RAM is decent in this laptop – 8GB DDR4, which is more than enough for our game and should be sufficient for most applications, whether gaming or not.

MSI has also equipped this laptop with a red-backlit gaming keyboard, which should be excellent for gaming. It also should be very comfortable for typing, especially since it has a dedicated numpad.

The display in this laptop is sized at 15.6 inches and has a Full HD resolution, which is solid for the size. 15.6 inches are likely going to be enough for game, but it perhaps won’t be the right choice for FPS games.

In the end, the MSI GL62M laptop is a solid choice for people who aren’t going to limit themselves to just The Sims 4. This isn’t the most powerful laptop on our list, but it does deliver solid performance that should be sufficient for the years to come.



Dell Inspiron 7000 i7559

The Dell Inspiron 7000 i7559 laptop is a cheaper and less powerful alternative to the MSI GL62M laptop, but it still has a few things to boast.

This laptop has an older Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6-3.5GHz 4-core CPU and a laptop NVIDIA GTX 960M 4GB graphics card. This is not slow hardware by any means, but the MSI laptop is going to be just a tad faster.

On the other hand, the Dell laptop has the edge in terms of memory – it’s got 16GB of RAM, twice as much as the MSI laptop, albeit the RAM is DDR3 and thus may perform a bit slower.

The display in this laptop is particularly remarkable – it has a resolution of 4K and also has touch capacity. It delivers a beautiful and sharp image for the eyes to behold, but to be fair, we think that this laptop should have had Full HD resolution instead. The resolution difference won’t be noticeable with the 15.6-inch screen size, and the 4K resolution may also be taxing on the GPU while gaming.

Dell employed an interesting storage solution in this laptop – an SSHD, which is a hybrid of an HDD and an SSD. You get 1TB of HDD and 8GB of SSD storage in the included storage device. But while 8GB of SSD storage is nice, it won’t be enough for a Windows system.

Since fast system startup is one of the reasons people opt for an SSD in the first place, you may want to upgrade in the future, unless you simply don’t need it.

Overall, this laptop is quite a powerful piece of equipment, and it’s great for The Sims 4 and many other demanding games. With that being said, keep in mind that it’s a fairly old model, and it won’t be the correct buy in the long run.



ASUS ROG Strix Scar II


Behold the most powerful and the most expensive laptop on our list! The ASUS ROG Strix Scar II laptop is an excellent option if you are looking for a gaming notebook for the years to come.

In fact, this laptop is particularly suitable for FPS games.

The centerpiece of this laptop is its 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display with a 144Hz refresh rate. Thanks to such a high refresh rate, the display is going to show more fps, which can provide you with a noticeable advantage in games where reaction is key.

The Strix Scar II laptop is powered by an 8th-gen Core i7-8750H 2.2-4.1GHz 6-core CPU and a GeForce RTX 2070 GPU, which is the latest addition to NVIDIA’s gaming GPU line. This GPU isn’t the most powerful in the world, but it’s pretty up there. Not only that, but it supports ray tracing, and while this feature is yet supported in just a handful of games, expect more titles with this eye candy to come out in the future.

ASUS has also equipped this laptop with an extra-fast 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD, so system startup and game loading will only take seconds. However, keep in mind that 512GB isn’t too much nowadays.

The ASUS ROG Strix Scar II laptop also has an RGB-backlit keyboard with a numpad. It hence is excellent for gaming and should be solid for writing.

In conclusion, this laptop can not only be the best laptop for Sims 4 but also be the correct for many other games and applications.



HP Pavilion 15-cx0020nr


The HP Pavilion 15-cx0020nr isn’t a too cheap laptop, but it’s a solid bang for the buck.

HP has equipped this laptop with a high-performance Intel Core i5-8300H 2.3-4.0GHz 4-core CPU along with a GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card. Combine this with the 8GB of DDR4 memory, and you get a great notebook that can also manage many other games and tasks.

The display in this notebook is nothing over-the-top, but it’s solid – it relies on a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS panel which is going to satisfy the majority of people.

HP has used a little bit different storage device setup in this laptop – it has paired a 1TB HDD with a 16GB Intel Optane storage device, which is Intel’s take on SSD-like drives. Optane storage devices have very low latency and excellent drive speed, often exceeding that of some SSDs.

With that being said, the 16GB of storage available in the Optane drive may not be sufficient for Windows operating systems, thus not allowing you to enjoy fast system startup times.

What we also don’t like in this laptop is that its 8GB of RAM are not upgradable, which makes the Pavilion 15-cx0020nr not the correct choice for memory-intensive tasks.

But for lighter gaming and, of course, The Sims 4, this computer is going to be more than enough.



ASUS VivoBook 15 X510UQ


The ASUS VivoBook 15 X510UQ laptop, unlike all the laptops overviewed previously, isn’t too overkill for The Sims 4. In fact, one could even say that it’s just right for it.

This laptop has a Core i7-7500U 2.7-3.5GHz 2-core CPU paired with the GeForce 940MX mobile GPU, which delivers performance quite enough to run the game on high. The GPU in this laptop is a little weaker than the recommended GTX650, but the powerful CPU should allow you to comfortably play with the graphics settings maxed out.

The 8GB of DDR4 RAM also make this laptop suitable for other not too demanding games, as well as for not too resource-intensive non-gaming applications.

ASUS also boasts the 15.6-inch Full HD display with 178% viewing angles, which should make this laptop great for movie watching from a variety of angles.

For storage, the VivoBook 15 X510UQ laptop has a 1TB HDD, which is decent for what this laptop delivers. Unfortunately, ASUS doesn’t equip this laptop with an SSD, so it won’t be the right one in terms of program or system startup times.

This laptop also lacks keyboard lightning and a numpad, which means that it laptop won’t be as comfortable for writing as others.

With that being said, this laptop still is an excellent option since it’s not too overkill when it comes to performance. It should also have no problems with many other not too demanding games!



Acer Aspire E 15 E5


You could say that the Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-57D4 laptop is just right for The Sims 4. If you intend to play nothing more demanding than The Sims 4, then this may be that perfect notebook for you.

The GPU in this laptop is the same as in the ASUS VivoBook 15, and it should be enough to manage the game on high settings. The CPU, however, is a weaker 2.5-3.1GHz 2-core i5-7200U, which should be just right for the game.

The amount of RAM here is the same though – 8GB DDR4 – which is more than enough. In many applications, 8GB is going to be pretty sufficient, let alone for playing the game.

If you are also planning to do some writing on your laptop, then you will be glad to hear that the Acer Aspire E15 has a backlit keyboard with a numpad. Plus, it has a solid 15.6-inch Full HD LED display.

It’s also great that this laptop comes with 256GB of SSD storage space, allowing you to enjoy quick startup and file transfer. With that being said, there are no HDDs in this laptop, so you will be limited to those 256GB, which is not much.

In the end, if you aren’t planning to play anything other than The Sims 4, this is one of the best selection to play the game.





The Sims 4 doesn’t demand too high performance, but you need to be careful when trying to choose the right laptop. A laptop is a big investment, and you do want to make a buy that will perform well in the long run.

We’d suggest that you don’t go for too cheap computers since they are going to quickly show their limits in performance. It would make more sense to go for a newer and more powerful laptop since it would pass the test of time much better. Technology advances fast, and what seems excellent today may become outdated tomorrow.

In the end, to get that best laptops for Sims 4, pay attention to your needs, consider saving money for a better laptop, and do in-depth research to understand all those PC terms!


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