Best Low Cost MSI Gaming Laptops

We have mentioned top low-cost MSI Gaming laptops available in the industry. The laptops are differentiated by sharing the pros and cons of the brand.

You can read the reviews of the laptop brands and take the decision of the purchasing the laptop accordingly.

It helps you to make the right decision while purchasing the best MSI gaming laptops for your entertainment.



MSI Low Cost Gaming Laptops


  • MSI GL62M 15.6 Gaming Laptop:


  • Pros:

The MSI GL62M gaming laptop is a portable device built to give comfortable handling while playing the games. It has an extra thin body which makes the laptop lightweight. It is packed with high-end graphics cards for the smooth functioning of the games.

The laptop is powered by the GeForce GTX 1050 GPU. The GPU is known for delivering the 30% extra performance compared to the previous version of the 960M GPU. The cooler booster 4 technology will give you the seamless gaming experience. You can play the game for hours without having heating problems.

The design of the laptop allows the heat to pass through the heat pipes and keeps the laptop cool all the time. It is specially built to sustain in the long hours of using which generally gamers demand from the laptop. It is low-cost MSI gaming laptops on the market.


  • Cons:

The users who purchased the laptop have reported that the speakers quality is terrible. It sounds very bad and gives annoying feeling while playing the game.

In addition, the screen resolution is upsetting. You will see some graphics get pixelated while playing the game. No one like to play a game or watch anything on the laptop which has a bad resolution. It becomes irritating at some point.

The battery life is another factor that makes the laptop stand in the low-quality brand. It hardly sustains for an hour in full charge if you are consistently playing the game.

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  • MSI PL62 15.6 Professional Laptop:


  • Pros:

The MSI PL62 comes with 15.6 inches Full HD display. You get the Windows 10 operating system installed on the laptop for better performance. The MSI upgraded its core processors to improve the overall performance of the laptop.

The laptop has Intel Core i7-7700HQ (2.8-3.8GHz) process that gives you the extraordinary performance of the gamer.

Graphics are an essential part of the gaming laptop. The MSI has made sure that users get best quality graphics through their laptops. The laptop will have NVIDIA’s GTX MX150 2G GDDR5 graphic card inbuilt. The 8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM gives the fastest processing experience while playing the game.

Storage is another factor that gamer concern about the laptop. The MSI laptop comes with the 1TB SATA hard drive that runs at 5400rpm. The low-cost MSI gaming laptops are made for giving best features to the users.

In the special features, the Cooler booster 4 is added to the laptop to keep the laptop at moderated temperature while operating for long hours.


  • Cons:

People have reported that the MSI laptop is super slow in running high-end graphics games. Another reason why people started hating the laptop is the laptop comes with many bloatware pre-installed on your laptop.

You have to reconfigure the laptop to remove these and make it run faster.

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  • MSI GL72M 7RDX-800 17.3 Gaming Laptop:


  • Pros:

17.3″ Display

The MSI laptop has ultra-portable thin body panel. It is a lightweight laptop with high-performance rate features. The Laptop packed with the new graphics card that makes the gaming experience exceptionally great.

The NTSC panel delivers the wide range of color range on the screen, and you get to experience the best picture quality. The FPS is speed will the high which enables you to run the high graphics games without any trouble. It is powered by GTX 1050 technology to make the performance better.

The inbuilt Cooler booster 4 pack keeps the laptop in best performance mode. The Intel Core i7-7700HQ gives the full power to the laptop. The laptop design is done according to the need of the gamer.

The ergonomic gaming pad, keyboard are specially designed to give awesome experience while playing the game.


  • Cons:

The only problem that users have face is after-sales service. Users have reported that after purchasing the product if you want to repair the laptop for any reason, then you have to chase the customer service team of the MSI.

They don’t have strong customer service team to help the customers to resolve their issue. People have spent weeks to get in touch with MSI customer team. Even after reporting the issue you have to wait for several weeks for their technician to visit your place and get the laptop repair.

It is an awful experience people have faced with the customer service.

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  • MSI GL62M 7RDX-1408 15.6 Gaming Laptop:

  • Pros:

MSI has come up with the great gaming laptop that specially designed for the hardcore gamers. The New MSI GL62M 7RDX-1408 has 15.6 inches full HD quality screen. It is packed with the high-resolution graphics that elevates your overall gaming experience.

The laptop has inbuilt windows 10 operating software to give you seamless performance. The 7th generation Intel Core -7700HQ (2.8-3.8GHz) process will give you fastest processing speed. It makes your gaming laptop to run high definition games without shaking the screen while playing the game.

It is using latest Intel HM175 chipset to back the processor. The Latest NVIDIA’s Geforce GTX 1050 2G GDDR graphic card make the laptop run faster without having trouble running the high-end games. You can play almost all kinds of games on this configuration.

The memory power is another factor that decides the gaming experience. The MSI laptop gives you 8GB DDR4 2400MHz which is upgradeable to 32 GB max. The sufficient memory boosts the gaming speed, and you will enjoy the halt free gaming time.


  • Cons:

The users have reported that the laptop keypad has many issues. It gets stuck while working and takes time to resume at its normal states.

The built quality is not the best compared to other laptops which are available in the market.

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In conclusion:

The MSI has built a great product for the game lovers. The laptop has many pros and cons that you need to take in consideration while purchasing it. You can decide what you want in first place and choose the laptop configuration as per your need. Not all laptops are made for gaming. That’s the reason why the MSI has introduced various form and configuration laptop for different kinds of gaming experience. These low cost MSI gaming laptops are available in the market to purchase. Get your own gaming laptop today from the market.

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