Comparison of the Top Laptop Brands

laptop brands appleWe have mentioned the top laptop brands currently popular in the market. The comparison will allow you to select the best laptop for your work and personal use.

The compare laptop brands are known for their good quality and affordable pricing.





  • Dell

dell laptops logo


Dell is consistently making progress in becoming the number one in the portable laptop industry. Their laptops are known for the good hardware configuration and the long-term sustainability. It has emerged as a top brand in the industry.

The new laptop released this year Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 15 are already occupying the ground in the industry. Dell adopts new technology immediately its available for the laptop industry. They become early bird to implement the new technology in the computers and make them public for users to use.

The design of the laptop is also considered as high standard. They work hard to make the laptop design elegant. Users love to experience their flawless computers. Dell’s after sales service is great which make the users comfortable buying their laptops computers without any hesitation.



However, Dell is still unable to grab the larger laptop market in the industry. Their competitors such as Apple Mac book and HP laptops are still having a good reputation in the market compared to the Dell. Dell is still having trouble in competing with these brands and capturing the larger audience in the industry.

The only problem that people find on the laptop is they don’t look appealing as the Apple Mac book and HP laptops look. Dell needs to work on the marketing side of the business to get more attention from the users.


  • Apple

apple laptop logo


Apple has made its own ecosystem in the laptop industry. It is known for its elegant design and the high-end hardware configuration that makes the computer more useful than others.

The core functionality of the Apple laptops such as the own operating system and fastest processing speed are some of the factors that separate the brand from other players in the industry.



If we try to calculate the cons of the Apple brand, then we should consider their pricing method. Their laptops are too expensive compared to the other brands in the market.

In the proposed price you will get many other options to choose from in the laptop industry. The repair cost of the Apple laptop is also too high.


  • Asus

asus laptop logo


Asus managed to capture good market share in the laptop industry. At one movement the Asus laptop was getting good reviews from the users.

Their innovative laptop collection was really great in compared to the other brands in the market. Asus was releasing the best quality laptop brands in the competitive price range.



The only problem that occurred with the Asus is the after-sales service. People were not satisfied with their after sales service.

There is not much service center in the city to do the repairs of the Asus laptop. You have to rely on the local laptop repair stores to get the laptop fixed.



  • HP

hp laptop logo


HP is the most popular laptop brand in the world. It is the second largest PC brand as compared to the market share. Their wide range of product line and the after-sales service is best in the country. The HP also involved in the innovation part of the laptop brands.

They have produced great laptops in the low range and premium range of the price. The design of the HP laptop is really good compared to Dell pc.



The negative side of the HP laptop is the products build quality. The use of the plastic material in the making the laptop case sometimes feels unwanted. The feeling that it transfer while using the HP laptop is not rich.

If we compared the build quality of the HP laptop with the Apple Mac book so we will notice the HP laptops looks cheap even you purchase the premium quality brand.


In conclusion:

The top laptop brands are working hard to sustain their position in the industry. The innovation is on the verge of transforming the laptop industry. Every year we see new technology comes with the laptop brands which makes the user’s life better.

We will see more progress in the laptop industry in the coming years. You can choose from compare laptop brands and make a decision of the purchase accordingly.

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