Electricity Consumption of Gaming Laptops

Electricity Consumption of Gaming Laptops

A gaming laptop uses much less electricity than a PC as it is designed to reduce electricity consumption. As it is designed explicitly with almost all the features of a gaming PC, the ability to carry it around had made an extra benefit for users with saving electricity.

Depending on the screen size and usage, a normal laptop usually consumes 20 watts to 100 watts during its power consumption mode while it gets between 20 watts to 50 watts in power saving mode.

However, gaming laptops consume above this range as their specific usage. Gaming Laptops consumes 50-120 watts usually.

Why does a gaming laptop utilize more power?

The core reason is the special assemble of components and powerful energy and time consumption of it. Unlike a normal laptop used in daily work, a gaming laptop is quite heavy and bulky. The processor, graphic card, and LCD panel are quite powerful in these laptops as they are designed to provide the maximum gaming capacity to the user.

Factors determining the power consumption of a laptop

The power consumption of a gaming laptop and any other laptop depend on several significant factors.

Screen size

The screen size of a laptop is a crucial factor regarding its electricity usage. Larger the screen size, the higher the wattage it requires to function. Usually, a laptop with 12 to 15 inches consumes around 60 watts. However, gaming laptops can have 17 inches or more screen sizes, thus uses approximately 70 watts.

Model of the laptop

A gaming laptop has a high power consumption of 135 watts or 180 watts per hour, depending on its model.

Ex: Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop consumes 180 watts per hour

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

The professional gamers use powerful graphics card for their gaming laptops which require higher power. The power of the GPU determines the sharpness and high resolution of visuals. Mostly, these types of powerful GPUs require high-end CPU s to function. Thus, such gaming laptops consume a higher amount of electricity.

However, one can move into a budget 2 in 1 laptop or a budget model where integrated graphics are present to reduce the wattage it uses. But the gaming experience will be much lower in 2 in 1 laptop.


A CPU with higher built quality and effective functioning uses much less wattage than a low-quality CPU. The reason is the performance of its processor. Thus, gaming laptops consist of powerful CPU s as Intel i7 and Intel i9.


The adapter size also determines the power consumption of a laptop. Usually, the adapter usage depends on the screen size; thus, a gaming laptop has a higher power consuming adapter.

      Many 15.6 inch laptops consist of a 60W charging adapter.

      Many 17 inch laptops consist of a 90W charging adapter.

How to calculate the electricity consumption of your laptop?

In using electricity, gaming laptop manufacturers usually do not indicate the actual power consumption units and the charger’s watts. Yet, one can get an idea about these using two basic methods.

Manual calculation of power consumption

The CPU and GPU of a gaming laptop use the highest power of it. The manufacturers indicate these values in their specifications unit along with maximum power consumption (TDU). Here is an example of manual calculation to identify your laptop’s power consumption.

Model: Asus ROG Strix Hero Edition

CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti

Find the power consumption of both CPU and GPU by checking Intel and Nvidia’s official specifications first.

TDU = the wattages of (CPU + GPU) = 45W + 75W = 120W

When the laptop is being loaded, the power consumption of these two units increase by 10-15%  

while it decreases to 10W-15W when it is in idle mode.

While completely loaded, the laptop’s other components, including the screen, RAM, Wi-Fi, and SSD, can consume around 135W-150W. When we consider a full HD screen, its power usage depends on the brightness as 5W-15W while fully brightened.

Using all these power units together can give us a rough idea about a gaming laptop’s total power consumption. Yet, this method is quite hard as it requires a lot of information for calculations.

Using Electricity Consumption Monitor

A good electricity usage monitor can determine your gaming laptop’s exact power consumption rate and any other electric device at your home. You can buy an electricity consumption monitor like P3 Kill A Watt, attach it to the wall socket and make it connected to the gaming laptop. The device will show you your computer’s power consumption rate within the specific hours you use it in KWh.

Tips to reduce the rate of electricity usage in your gaming laptop

It is always efficient to consume less power for your pocket, and the long-term benefits like conserving energy. Here are some tips to keep the power consumption of your laptop at a low key.

  • Remove the plug from your fully charged laptop.
  • It is better to plug in the charger when the battery level is as low as 20%. Do not let your laptop switch off as it requires more power to start it again.
  • Overcharging your laptop consumes higher power. However, modern gaming laptops are limited to one place as gamers prefer gaming within their comfort zone. Considering the above consequences, the manufacturers design gaming laptops to automatically disconnect from charging automatically after their battery is fully charged.
  • Refrain from using alternate chargers. Only use the charger provided by the company.
  • Let the laptop rest! Let it get cooled for sometime when a heavy load of gaming is ongoing. You can use a cooling pad for it.
  • Update the laptop’s hardware and processor and check their health status to avoid pressure in the system.
  • Reduce the brightness of the screen often. It is healthy for your laptop as well as your eyes working on it!

FAQ s about the power consumption of gaming laptops

Does laptop wattage differ according to the brand?

It is not the brand that decides the power consumption. Apple, DELL, Acer, or HP; what matters are the powerful components assembled inside the laptop.

Can we use a gaming laptop for daily use?

Even though the laptop is exclusively designed for gaming, any person can use it for his daily work as it contains all the features a normal notebook does. On the other hand, the graphical elements, CPU power, and other quality features may consume an excess of current if not used with care.

Wrapping Up 

If you are a gamer or enjoy specialties of a gaming laptop daily, what matters the most is selecting a great model and its rate of power consumption.

There are mainly two methods in having an idea of gaming laptops’ daily wattage despite the fact there is no special indication of the manufacturers’ current usage.

A gaming laptop with super quality features is undoubtedly consuming more power than an ordinary notebook. When used wisely, one can save much more electricity and keep their pocket filled without spending over the wasted energy.

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