Guide for Gaming Laptop Battery Life

As a computer game lover, you may probably face the scenario of having a bad battery life of your gaming laptop? The issue is widespread, and most gaming laptops have bad battery life for several reasons. By reading this article carefully, you will get to know the critical factors caused for gaming laptops’ bad battery life and how to improve it.

The leading cause for gaming laptops to having a bad battery life is the high performing GPU, CPU, and high-speed fans that require more power. Because of these features, the battery becomes exhausted more quickly than a regular laptop battery. However, when you use laptops for general purposes, such as browsing the web and word processing, you may experience a considerable difference. The battery may remain up to five to six hours at a stretch on a signal charge without plugging it to a power supply. But when GPU or CPU-intensive games and programs running, the battery discharges a lot faster.

So, let us look at the particular reasons for having a bad battery power in gaming laptops.

gaming laptop battery life

Reasons for Gaming Laptops have Bad Battery Life

We cannot find a difference between a regular laptop and a gaming laptop by its’ outward appearance. At a glance, both of these laptops look similar except customized lighting changes in some gaming laptops. However, they contain contrasting features internally. Since gaming laptops need to perform in a highly advanced manner, gaming laptops mainly built for high performance. The requirements for gamers are somewhat different from standard laptops. 

Accordingly, most of the hardware in gaming laptops tend to be more power-intensive than regular laptops. At the same time, they come with several additional features that are rare in standard laptops. Those extra features are the main reason for the bad battery life in gaming laptops. 

Dedicated Graphics Card

In regular laptops, we have an integrated graphics card (iGPU) built into the CPU, which serves the same purpose as a video card. On the other hand, in a gaming laptop, we have a dedicated graphics card on top of the iGPU. 

This dedicated graphic card usually supports processing detailed images and complex textures commonly seen in most modern graphically intensive games. It provides smooth gameplay without lagging. It always helps to improve the graphic processing performance. 

However, these dedicated graphic cards are more expensive and generating more heat. It drains the battery power a lot.

High-Speed Processors

Gaming laptops come with less power restricted processors; Intel Core i7-4700HQ and Intel Core i9-9980HK. These are high-performance processes, and the ‘H’ suffix at the end of these processors stands for it. 

Usually, the high-performance processors have a higher maximum clock rate, which increases the processing speed. As a result, you will have a smooth gaming experience. 

However, in contrast to its high performance, it requires more power and generates heat. Consequently, your gaming laptop will have weak battery life. 

On the other hand, high-speed processors have more cores (6 to 8 cores) designed for multitasking and gaming. Thus they need more power, and accordingly, the battery life is limited to a shorter period. 

Multiple High-Speed Fans

There is a single fan in a regular laptop, and it spins slowly as the heat generates only by one component, the CPU. 

But in gaming laptops, multi-high-speed fans drive away the heat produced by both the CPU and GPU. They support to prevent thermal throttling. If you have thermal throttling, it reduces your perfect gaming experience. 

Therefore, it should be well controlled by multiple high-speed fans. When a laptop battery has to supply power for many fans, the bad battery life is undeniable. 

Backlit RGB Lighting

Some of the games tend to play in the dark or low light. Thus the gaming laptops have backlit keyboards or backlit RGB keyboards. That makes it easy to position your fingers on the Keyboard. Although the backlit keyboards are not power-intensive, yet they require power. Therefore the backlit RGB lighting reduces battery life. 

Louder Speakers

If you need an incredible gaming experience, proper high-quality sound is essential. Quality speakers help you to capture all kinds of gaming sound effects. Thus the louder speakers can produce a wide range of crisp base tones and frequencies. They help to reduce fan noise, which can be annoying and disturbing to hear. The louder speakers contribute to the bad battery life as well. 

In addition to the above-discussed reasons, other causes which create bad battery life in gaming laptops. They are:

  • The larger displays 
  • high screen resolutions
  • External peripherals
  • Multitasking ability
  • Programs running in the background

It is not sufficient to know the specific reason to have bad battery life in gaming laptops. We should learn to apply solutions for those causes. 

Improve the Battery Life of a Gaming Laptop

improve battery life

There are some tips to improve the battery life in a gaming laptop. These methods are easy to follow, and you do not need to follow any complication instructions. 

Reduce Screen Brightness

Since a gaming laptop uses a considerable amount of power to display the images, it uses more energy to perform. Thus when you reduce the brightness of your screen, you can significantly extend the battery life.

Turn off the Keyboard Backlight

Keyboard backlight is one of the significant causes to result in bad battery life, as we discussed above. Thus you can turn off your Keyboard’s backlight on your laptop when you do not need it. 

For example, if you are playing in the daylight, you do not need the keyboard backlight. It will help to save battery life.

 Change your Power Mode 

In modern laptops with Windows 10 version, the battery life has divided into four categories: battery saver, better battery, better performance, and best performance. So if you need to save more power, you can select the most suitable option. Here you can choose battery mode and battery saver mode to increase battery performance.

 Switch off wifi And Bluetooth

If you do not use wifi and Bluetooth, we recommend to switch off them to save battery power. When wifi is on, your gaming laptop will usually try to connect to wifi networks. Bluetooth also acts similarly. Disabling the Bluetooth app prevents your computer from continually scanning for other Bluetooth devices.

But if you are playing a multi-player or online game, you will have to skip this step. But you can keep the Bluetooth off if you only use wifi.

Lower the Volume or use Headphones

When gaming, we love to have a loud gaming background sound most of the time. It requires more power and cases to have a bad battery. Thus if you can reduce the volume or use headphones while playing, you can save more energy. Even it is more comfortable for the people who are around you at the moment.

Except for these tips, several other methods can be applied to improve your computer’s bad battery life, such as:

  • Disconnect peripherals that are not essential while gaming
  • Use hibernate mode instead of sleep mode
  • Stop antivirus programs running in the background
  • Switch from HDD to SSD
  • Tweak your power plan to save battery power
  • Stop unnecessary applications and processes from running in the background
  • If your battery life is dead or so weak, replace your battery.
  • Carry an external battery pack with you
  • Always use your laptop on a hard and flat surface.

The design and the performance of gaming laptops are considerably different from standard laptops. Thus they require more battery power to provide a smooth gaming experience. 

This high-performance nature and compatible hardware are the key reasons to have bad battery life in gaming laptops. These include potent processors, dedicated GPUs, backlit RGB keyboards, high-resolution displays, and more prominent speakers. 

Wrapping up

Conversely, you can successfully address the problem of having a bad battery life in your gaming laptop if you follow the given tips like

Reducing your screen brightness and resolutions, changing battery mode, closing unnecessary applications processors, turning off wifi and Bluetooth options, and more. 

However, you cannot expect a long-life battery in your gaming laptop, like on regular laptops. The high-performance design and additional features that come with gaming laptops are in hunger for battery power, and you cannot control it completely. But to some extent, you will be able to save your battery life with the above-noted facts. 

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