Top 7 Gaming Laptops Under 300 [With Buying Guide]

gaming laptopAre you finding your next budget laptop which should be better in gaming and specs? Or are you in a tight budget? You have came to the right place. Here we have the top 7 Gaming Laptops Under 300 and the buying guide for the budget gaming laptops.


We bet that these machines won’t let you down while gaming.

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Well, keep in mind that gamers often need special computers to play games; therefore, ultimately, they can’t help to build their own gaming computers.

Normal computers are not the best to play games because these can create cooling and speed issues. Any budget laptop is not for the high-end gamers.

If you want something special and ready-to-use gaming computer, you can purchase specially designed gaming laptops. These laptops are really fast and deliver the coolest gaming experience.

These powerful laptops are expensive and can break your bank.

There is no need to worry because you can buy good gaming laptops under 300. It is difficult to find a gaming laptops under 300, but a list of top 7 laptops is available for your convenience.

Depending on your budget and games you are interested in playing, you can spend between $300 and $500. The maximum weight of the laptop can be 13 pounds.

If you have the limited budget for your gaming laptop, you can find the best gaming laptops under 300.


Top 7 Gaming Laptops Under 300

It can be hard to find the best gaming laptop under 300 ; therefore, we have arranged a list of top 7 good gaming laptops under 300


Dell HD 15.6” Laptop

Highlighted Features

Dell Inspiration 3000 series 15” laptop features a fast Pentium process and elongated battery life.

On this laptop, it is easy to enjoy your favorite movie on its 15-inch screen. You will be surprised by its loud and clear sound sponsored by GRAMMY-winning Waves MaxxAudio technology.

It is packed with super-fast N3700 Intel Pentium processor.

The 3000 series features a 22-millimeter slim edge. With 500 GB hard drive, you can store your memories, movies, documentary, videos and games. It is easy to connect your digital devices through HDMI port or SB ports.

Media card reader helps you to easy and quickly transfer your files. It is designed to survive harsh weather conditions almost 149°Fahrenheit/65°Celsius.



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Acer Aspire Laptop

Highlighted Features

Acer Aspire ES 15 gives you the best value for your money. It is equally good for gaming and general purposes.

This stylish and practical beast features solid performance, convenient connectivity, and handy multimedia tools. Acer Aspire makes communication and web browsing an enjoyable experience.

The new Intel Core 6th Gen Core i3 processor revolutionizes your gaming and computing experience. With high-speed connectivity and start-up, you can connect to the wireless internet to download quickly and access files.

The input and output ports are easy to locate on its both sides. With the help of 3.0 USB port, it is easy to transfer at a faster rate as compared to standard USB.

The precision touchpad of Acer supports modern touchpad gestures and offer touch control by pinching, swirling and flicking your fingers on the touchpad for intuitive navigation of photos, web pages, and games.

This high performance laptop comes with lots of features and offers you the best value for your money.



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HP Pavilion 15 4GB RAM

Highlighted Features

It is an amazing laptop of HP available under $300 with lots of coolest features.

With its beautiful design and power CPU processor, you can enjoy the fantastic gaming experience. The AMD Quad-core 5200 A6 processor comes with the 2.0GHz quad-core processor to play heavy games.

It runs smoothly at high speed with 4GB RAM. You will get the 500GB hard drive for maximum storage.

With its WLED BrightView backlight display, 1366×768 screen resolution and a 15.6-inch display, it is one of the best gaming laptops under 300.

You can get the advantage of latest features of Windows 10. 4GB RAM can smoothly manage multiple applications and browser tabs. With 500GB hard drive, you can hold your digital photos, videos, music, and games. It comes with built-in stereo speakers for DTS sound for games, streaming web, movies, and music.

Built-in graphics chipset AMD Radeon R4 with shared memory offers incredible image quality for movies, casual games, photo editing and internet use. It is easy to carry from one place to another because it weighs only 4.74 lbs.



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Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible

Highlighted Features

Chromebook R 11 of Acer is a stylish touchscreen book for unlimited fun.

You can get the advantage of 360 degrees of tablet fun.

The 360-degree hinge supports a dual-torque technology with an unusual blend of strength and flexibility. You can quickly open the lid with one hand.

This comfortable and stylish notebook is enough to increase your productivity. The Chromebook can automatically detect the mode and adjust its screen display. It is designed to take speed to another level. You can wirelessly connect to the internet and stream videos, movies or play games. Chromebook comes with its striking Intel Processor grounded on Braswell architecture.

It is designed to start within a few seconds so that you can save time and complete your work easily. With its 10 hours extended battery life, you can play games, watch movies and download your favorite applications without any trouble.



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Lenovo Ideapad 110

Highlighted Features

Get an affordable laptop with reliable processing power, great storage, attractive display, integrated graphics and the good memory.

The IdeaPad 110 feature Intel processor with built-in integrated graphics for maximum processing power for streaming, surfing, and game playing.

The Ideapad comes with standard 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi connectivity for fast streaming, downloading and browsing. It delivers almost three times connection speed. It is great to maximize your comfort and productivity.

The robust hinge design enables you to get the advantage of 180-degree actions. Your fingers move freely on the frameless keyboard without any bumping.

It is ideal for quick touch-typing.

With plenty of HDD storage, there is no need to worry about your photos, music, videos, data and games. To secure your digital life, you can get the advantage of McAfee LiveSafe trial for 30 -day with purchase.

Lenovo IdealPad is pretty cool and affordable with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. You can quickly download your favorite games. If you want reliable gaming laptops under 300, this can be an ideal choice for you.



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Lenovo Flex 3 TouchScreen 2-in-1 Laptop

Highlighted Features

This versatile laptop can be an affordable choice for game lovers.

It is easy to convert this laptop into the tent, stand model and tablet. This computer offers flexibility to complete your tasks. It is easy to browse sites and download applications with the use of all ten fingers.

The Lenovo Flex is special for its features.

It is a budgeted choice for all gamers. You can browse videos and listen to music while playing games. This 2-in-1 laptop comes with a touchscreen so that you can flip this screen to 360-degree. It is useful to do other works while playing games.

For optimum performance, it comes with 4GB DDR3L RAM, Celeron processor, and 500GB hard drive. It can be the best gaming laptop for anyone who wanted to play heavy games for a longer period.



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HP 14-inch AMD Laptop

Highlighted Features

HP 14-inch delivers maximum security and safe authentication.

Special features of windows make its use easy. Cortana will work as your personal assistant and helps you to do different things. With its fastest processor and long-lasting batteries, you can get the advantage of smooth running without any speed issue.

The 14-inch display is powered by UWVA IPS BrightView backlit. You can enjoy crystal-clear and vibrant image while playing games.

If you want to play your favorite game, this laptop can be a good choice for you.

The battery life is more than five hours so don’t worry about charging and continuously play games of your choice. With dependable flash-based storage, you can run multiple application at a time. The total weight of this gaming laptop is only 3.86 lbs. While playing games, you can use a built-in webcam.



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Gaming Laptop Vs Normal Laptops

If you want to play games, you will need an appropriate gaming laptop.

The gaming laptops have the particular graphic card, RAM, high-end processor and memory to support demanding features of games. These laptops have 3D enabled graphic card to render and process 3D graphics.

The standard laptops have limited features, such as limited memory, RAM, ordinary graphics card, and processor. These notebooks can’t run all components of a highly demanding or 3D game.


Buying Guide for the Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Buying the best gaming laptop is based on different features and specifications. The most important aspects are as under:



It is the first thing to consider before purchasing a gaming laptop; it is important to see its CPU. Keep it in mind that CPU is the engine of any laptop and determine its performance. You should select the best CPU available within the range of gaming laptops under 300.



The gaming laptop must have almost 4GB RAM to run faster. The lower RAM can slow down the speed of your notebook. If you want outstanding performance, you can go for 8GB RAM. The high RAM can run a game smoothly without any issue.


Graphics Card

It is a major component of your advanced gaming laptop. The Atom and Nvidia Graphic cards are well known to run games smoothly. A gaming laptop with AMD Radeon graphic card will be a nice choice. You can select the 7730M model for advanced settings.


Screen Size

For better gaming experience, try to choose a gaming laptop with the large screen.

The size of the display starts with 11-inch – 15-inch, so you can make a choice between this range. For full HD experience, you have to play the game in 1920×1080 pixels screen resolution.

Check for the color gamuts and contrast ratio for better gaming experience.

gaming laptops under 300


Gamers often have headphones or headsets in multiplayer settings, but it is not good to always wear headsets. Make sure to consider the built-in audio of your laptop, such as B&O, Onkyo, Dynaudio, and Klipsch.



The games require extra space on your drive, and it is not possible to put an extra hard drive in the gaming laptop. The external drive will not work to play high-end games. Your gaming laptop should have sufficient space to install all features and components of your game.


Battery Life

A gaming laptop with good battery life can enhance your gaming experience. It will help you to play the game without worrying about time.

A good gaming laptop comes with 8+ hours battery life. After purchasing gaming laptop under 300, you can replace its battery to get maximum battery life.


Top 7 Gaming Laptops Under 300

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