Gaming vs. Lifetime of the Laptop

Do you know what the hesitation has in the mind of a beginner gamer? Me too had this question in my mind every time I opened my Laptop to play a game. I know you are having the same problem in your consciousness now. So I decided to discuss this question from this blog post.

Does Gaming Reduce Laptop Life?

The short answer is yes. Gaming will reduce the life of your Laptop to some extent. If you are using a general-purpose laptop for long hours of Gaming, the situation could much worsen. The main reason for this depreciation is the heat generated by the Laptop when you are continuously do Gaming for long hours. 

Let’s discuss the factors which cause this heating and the solutions for them in the below paragraphs.

gaming reduce laptop life

Heating of the Laptop while Gaming

Heat is the common enemy for all the electronic devices. Heating can do more harm to computers. When the computer works, it generates heat as a result of the power transformation. There is an inbuilt cooling system inside of every computer. Some of the desktop computers use complex cooling systems like the water-cooling system. But most of the desktop and laptop computers use cooling fans to remove the generated heat from the system. Now let’s see how this heating affects Gaming.

When you are playing games on your laptop computer, your CPU and GPU will work from its full efficiency for a longer time. Usually, when you start Gaming, you won’t stop it for a few hours. The processing requirements are way high for Gaming because of the complexity and the vibrant graphics of them. So your computer will work from its maximum efficiency for long hours. That causes more heat generation. CPU and GPU are the main two places that generate the highest amount of heat.

The temperature of the Laptop can rise to 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit if you do not use an external cooling system, which is very harmful to your machine. Even though the heat of your device does not rise to 160 degrees, yet it can harm the electronic components because of the heat exists for a longer time. So a mid-range temperature for a longer time is also harmful to your Laptop.


As mentioned earlier, the CPU and GPU are the two main culprits causing this heat. But also those two are the two primary victims of this higher heat. Every CPU and GPU designs with a maximum temperature it can work. It will fail if it has operated under a much higher temperature for a longer time. Maintaining a proper temperature is crucial to saving these two components of your Laptop. Otherwise, the lifetime of your CPU and GPU will reduce significantly.

GPU does all the processing work related to graphics of the game you play. Graphic processing is a crucial task done by your computer. What happens if your Laptop does not have a separate GPU installed on your motherboard? Your CPU will have to process the graphical processing tasks too. That will increase the work-load of the CPU, and it will generate more heat from it.

Running Multiple Applications while Gaming

Present-day computers have an essential feature which did not have in the old machines, which is called multi-tasking. Your Laptop can run several programs at once. You can browse the internet while listening to music, and your virus guard might running in the background. 

But when you are running several programs at the same time, your computer needs to work harder. It has to switch between applications more frequently as the user should not aware of a delay. The situation will become much worse when you are running several background applications while playing a game. It will increase the work-load of your CPU and will generate more heat within a short period.

Laptop vs. Desktop Heating

Laptops are more compact devices, while Desktop computers are more significant devices in size. Laptops mainly designed for portability. So the manufacturers try to reduce the weight of the device while making the device thinner. Weight and size are not an issue for Desktop computers. So desktops have functional space for proper airflow. Proper airflow is a crucial requirement for cooling the system. But laptops do not have the fortune of having adequate space for proper airflow. Because of that reducing the heat generated from a laptop is difficult compared to a Desktop computer.

Damages other than Heating

While you are playing games, your brain tends to work faster. It might be a car race or a shooting game, but your mind and hands will work more quickly. So you will act faster while working with the keyboard and the Mouse. Your fingers will hit harder for your keyboard and Mouse. That will break them more quickly. Usually, regular gamers have to change their keyboard and Mouse more frequently than normal laptop users.

Now let’s discuss what can we do to prevent these issues;

Protect your Laptop for a Longer Time

Move to a Proper Gaming Laptop

The first and the best thing you could do is moving to a proper gaming laptop. Gaming laptops specially designed for long hours of Gaming while regular laptops intended for day to day work. But this is the most expensive method. Gaming laptops have a dedicated GPU and special Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, and they have a more enhanced cooling system. Gaming laptops can sustain more for longer hours of Gaming instead of a regular notebook. So if you are a gameaholic, the best thing you can do is to buy a gaming laptop if you can afford it. 

Using Cooling Pads

External cooling pads are one of the least expensive things you can use to reduce the heat of the Laptop. They are generally low cost but does a great job to cool down your system. Every time you are using the Laptop, use it with a proper cooling pad, not only while Gaming as it is always good to keep the temperature of the Laptop under 80 Fahrenheit. But make sure that you are not using a low-quality cooling pad, as the cooling pad takes power from the USB port of your Laptop. So a cheaply built cooling pad can harm your Laptop by burning the USB port. 

Reduce your Playing Time

The least expensive thing you can do to protect your Laptop for a long time is to reduce your playtime. Generally accepted theory is one hour of gameplay, is not harmful to a Laptop. But more than one hour of gameplay is not that good. So if you are using a regular Laptop other than a gaming laptop, do not play more than one hour continuously.

Proper Maintenance

Like every other device, proper maintenance is necessarily required for the Laptop, whether you play games or not. Uninterrupted airflow is a must to cool down your Laptop. Usually, when the Laptop is getting old, the fans will block with dust. That will interrupt the airflow, which makes it unable to remove the heat from the system. So at least every six months’ time, make sure to service your Laptop by a certified technician. He will also check the thermal paste on the CPU and will replace it if required.

Use a separate Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Do not use the inbuilt Keyboard for Gaming. Inbuilt keyboards are not so strong and costly to replace if damaged. Gaming would reduce the lifetime of your inbuilt keyboard if you didn’t use a separate Keyboard for Gaming. So buy a separate pluggable Keyboard and Mouse, and always use it while Gaming. If they get damaged, you can quickly obtain another Keyboard, which is less expensive than replacing the inbuilt keyboard. The situation is similar to the Mouse as well. There are specially designed gaming Mouse and Keyboards, which are easy to use for Gaming.

Close Other Applications while Gaming

As mentioned in the previous section, running multiple Applications is very harmful while Gaming. So always close unnecessary Applications when you start to play games. But if you are playing online games or multiplayer games, keep your virus guard with internet protection running as disabling it can do more harm to your Laptop security.

More Cores with High Performance

When you are selecting a Laptop for Gaming, always go for a processor with more Cores and higher RAM, also choose a Laptop with a dedicated GPU. Higher performance is an essential requirement for Gaming.


Gaming can reduce the lifetime of your Laptop. So always take the necessary steps to follow good practices to improve the lifetime of your Laptop.

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