Graphic Cards: Cost vs performance


The CPU of a computer is the brain of a computer, but when we are talking about gaming PC the beating heart that supplies pixel into your monitor is the graphic card. A graphic card in a computer consists of video memory and graphics processing unit (GPU) that controls all types for calculations, playing videos, mapping textures, and lighting surfaces. Simply and vividly saying the graphics card is the most important and vital part of your gaming laptop or computer. With so many of options around us why not we help you to find the best graphics card for your gaming laptop. If you own a budget gaming laptop you would think of the cost.

If you want to purchase a best and cheap graphics card for you PC, then stick in here, do not rush around, here you will find all detailed information. The pumping out pixels with not getting smooth frame then you deserves to look up for a new GPU. NVidia and AMD GPU are now available in the market, mean to say the old stock is getting cleared now.


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Best Graphics card in reasonable price


NVidia the famous brand regarding Graphics card has now launched nearly all of its famous 10-series parts. Starting with the new GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 then GTX 1060, there is now Titan X and GTX 1080 TI. Because there was no show of CES, many of us were wondering when 1080 Ti will come in market. As for the earlier NVidia graphics card, all 900-series has shown a little bit increase in prices, but when we see the prices of AMD it is clearly very less.

On the other hand, AMD after releasing new graphics card has started revamping its GPU. With the launch of Polaris 10/11 and with RX 480, RX 470 and RX 460, it is clear now, AMD will give a better fight. With the releasing new NVidia 10-series and AMD Rx series, people in the market are going out and buying the graphics card they want.


“The best graphics card in not normally expensive graphics card…!”

Yes, this is not true, when you are buying a very expensive graphics card for your gaming laptop. Take one thing in mind, maybe you found a graphics card very expensive and can work with your PC for 3,4 years. What will happen, if new technology coming? Your expensive graphics card will not be fruitful to you in this regard. Always try to buy a reasonable graphics card with 6 months to one year in warranty.

NVidia 10 series graphics card GTX 1050, is very high up the relative with price and performance scale. The 2 GP OF VRAM is enough for your gaming PC in the price of $80. If you can afford $120 I will recommend GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is the best for you. Very affordable GTX 1050 plays 1080p. In my opinion, this is quite efficient and good to have 4GB of VRAM in this price range.


How to test a graphics card with performance?

Games are very shortly bottlenecked for a CPU, but hundreds of games in a year may push year graphics card to its limits. So, this component in your gaming Laptop hat needs to upgrade most often. But, if you are lucky enough to find a right graphics card, it will last you at least two years. But, in your gaming PC, it is the most expensive part, you need to build. With a practical approach to mind, it is the very critical thing to find best ratio price to performance. So, in above part of the article, I have mentioned some graphics card in the range of $80-150.


Best budget Graphics card with good performance

I am going to tell you the pricier performance graphics card in the very low range of price. Whoever is doing and manufacturing these graphics card, all are made up the leap. Money, but simple is the object. With the launch of new budget GPU from the side of NVidia, it is pretty clear to have a quick recap of the cheap graphics cards that at least cater the needs of gaming PC.

The newbie here is NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 Ti boards. The best competitor AMD latest entry level boards occupy similar space, the 2GB and 4GB iteration of Radeon RX 460. Let’s talk more about AMD Radeon RX 460 with best eSports and 720p. This is now available in the range of $100 now. It makes a great and good entry point for gamers on a budget. This has now become the top choice of HD eSports titles. You can surely expect the powerful performance at 1920* 1080p at relaxed quality setting.

At the apple heart of Radeon RX 460 is AMD’S Polaris 11 GPU, code that named Baffin. In three billions of transistor and 896 streams processors with 56 textures, you are not worried about HD and FHD resolutions and running out of the memory.



Buying an affordable and very reasonable performance graphics card should be the best choice. If it is the time to upgrade your PC but keeping up the current and latest technology trends is daunting. So, by checking your system hardware, you decide to upgrade your graphics card.

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