A guide on how to save Laptop Battery for longer use

The article here today is going to tell you few tips that will help you to save laptop battery for longer use. Follow the tips given if you want to enjoy the battery power for longer use. The tips here on how to save laptop battery for longer use is great to learn about so that you can do your work productively and save your time. It will be a trouble to get your job done when your laptop keeps on switching off time to time without battery. The sections in the article will bring you the best solutions.

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Tips on how to save laptop battery for longer use

These simple instructions are going to help you in saving laptop battery for longer use. Let us try what is given. The first easy tip is that it is better if you could reduce the number of tasks opened in your laptop. Do not open multiple tasks simultaneously as it will make your laptop battery decrease quickly. Whenever you are using your laptop, try to do one thing at a time. When you are engaged in multiples tasks, the laptop needs more power to run those tasks. Simply open what you need to do most and finish off and close that task before you move onto the next task.

When the RAM is also high, the power lowers down quickly. Get started with applications that do not need much space. The battery lowers down quickly when you are watching movies or playing games on your gaming laptop. It is also best if you turn on the “Energy Saver” mode.

The other thing that is essential for you to do if you want to save the laptop battery for longer use is to turn off the wireless card. If you have no idea of using the network, switch it off. What is the point of having the network switch on if you do not want Internet? The other option is to switch off Bluetooth on your device. More than shutting off the laptop, it is best only if you put the laptop on standby. Standby saves your energy and saves the battery power. These tips are a few options that you could follow on how to save laptop battery for longer use.

The next section will provide you with more options. Have a look at those options too.


What else could we do on how to save laptop battery for longer use?

Here are some of the other options that will gladly help you to save your laptop battery for longer use. What you should do is to switch off unused ports. If you want to switch off unused ports, go to device manager and configure those settings. You could create a separate power-saving hardware profile.

The other tip that you can follow is you could defrag your hard drive. When there are more fragments inside your hard drive, the hard disk has to work harder. Then what happens is your battery level lowers causing you to fall into trouble.

If the display brightness is too high, the battery level will go down soon. If it is in an already brightened area that you are using the laptop, have your LCD brightness level between two to three bars. This method helps you save your laptop battery level. The other option is that you should lower the screen resolution. The higher the screen solution, your battery level drops down fast. Turn down the screen resolution.

Sound also creates an impact on the laptop battery level. Try to turn down the volume level as much as possible and if you are not using sound, mute the sound so that you can save the laptop battery. There also should not be high temperatures as the battery will go down, when surrounded by high temperatures. Room temperature is the ideal temperature for batteries. There are several other things that you have to avoid if you are going to follow instructions related on how to save laptop battery for longer use. What are those things that you will have to avoid? Do not place your laptop on a soft surface such as a blanket or pillow as your laptop heats soon and the battery level goes down soon.


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Additional tips on how to save laptop battery for longer use

Other than the instructions mentioned above, there are several others that you could follow. If you have connected external devices, remove them as they could effect in lowering battery levels.  Do not keep a CD or DVD running on the machine as the battery lowers down soon when the hard drive keeps on working. Further, you can increase the efficiency of the battery by cleaning the battery using a damp cloth with some alcohol in it. By using this way, you will be able to clean the battery contacts. If you want to use your laptop, get it charged entirely first and later while using let it out of the plug. Use the battery until it is ready to go off and connect to the plug. When the laptop is too hot, it is a signal that your laptop is going to degrade in the battery. So, charge the battery. Do not also play games on the laptop until it becomes so hot. Give your laptop a break as overheating will cause damage to the battery. These tips will help you to have higher battery levels. So, follow them!



Hope these tips will guide you on how to save laptop battery for longer use. In a nutshell, some of the common things that you have to follow are to switch off Bluetooth if you have it switched on, stop playing games or music, remove all external devices and reduce the LCD screen brightness. It is also the best option if you choose a power plan and work according to that plan saving your battery levels. Check out these tips and see the difference it brings on helping you with how to save laptop battery for longer use!



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