Laptop for a College Student : The Buying Guide

college student laptopIf you are a college student, you would be wondering how to select a laptop for college students, and that is why the article here is going to be essential for you as it is going to help you in choosing the perfect laptop for a college student.

The reason that the article here is going to be important is that the article gives you few tips on how you could select a laptop for a college student.

College students need a computer for all the work that they are going to do as a fresher, all those assignments and research stuff is going to make them have a laptop indeed.

As a college student before buying a laptop, there should be few tips that could be important. Things such as the size of the computer, the RAM, and hard disk are going to be important. The other important thing is that the price is also important to know before you go shopping for a laptop.

The other important thing is that it would be best to go for a laptop that has a warranty card. The warranty card will help you meet your laptop retailer when there are issues on your laptop.


Points to Consider 


Unique features on laptops for college students

There are important features college students should know when they are ready to buy a laptop. Many college students would stray off when buying a laptop due to its beautiful models. If you know the below features and visit your laptop shop, then your mind will not stray off as you know what laptop you are going to buy.

Have a perfect picture in mind before Selecting the Laptop.

Here you go, keep in mind these features!


Size matters

The size matters when you buy a laptop because it would be easy to carry the laptop when it is small in size. It is hard to carry around laptops that are very big because they tend to be heavy. Smaller laptops can be carried anywhere; it may be to the library, tute rooms, hostels or the canteen.

For a college student, the ideal size of the screen would be 13-15 inches .


The RAM & Hard Disk matters

The RAM size and the hard disk will matter because as a college student there is a lot to store which are related to all your studies.  A college student needs their laptop in different roles like a bookshelf and a data bank.

A RAM of 4GB and hard disk capacity of 160GB would be ideal for a college student. There will be enough space to store data and also the machine will work speedily.

laptop college girl 


The price matters

The other important fact is the price of the laptop. As a college student, you are not a person having a stable job. Yes, you could be engaged in odd jobs, but that will not let you earn a significant amount of money. So be sure to go for a laptop that is cheap but yet has large space for internal storage and one that works speedily.

Consider the amount of money that you are going to spend on your laptop before you go to the shop. It would be better to do some research and buy your laptop.


As a college student, these are some of the facts that you are going to have to consider when buying a laptop. Consider the warranty card as well as the battery in your laptop.

The battery should be long lasting so that you could work for hours and hours. Choose a portable, cute little laptop of a color of your choice!

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