Portable HDD Buying Guide with Product Reviews

Today data storage has become very easy. You can purchase portable hard drive and store all your data in the HDD.

It is better you have all your important files such as photos, videos and important document backup in the external drives.

If any unexpected events happen and your personal data gets deleted from your computer, then you will have a backup file in the Portable HDD drive.


You can just leave your data on the single computer without having the sufficient amount of copies.

However, you can store your content on the online cloud server, but storing files on the cloud might contain the security threat.


People generally avoid storing the secure document in the cloud service due to the concern of hacking. Physical storage gives you require security to your data. Also, it always stays with you, so you can use it whenever you want.


The portable Hard drive is lightweight and easy to handle. You can keep the portable HDD drive in your pocket and take it wherever you want.


Buying portable hard drive might be overwhelming for some people. You will find various options in the portable HDD drive in the market.

Here are some of the way you can choose the best portable hard drive for your requirement. Learn how to buy external hard disk.


Follow the Portable HDD buying Guide.

portable hard disk drive


This is the first question that comes to the mind when you decide to purchase the portable HDD drive. You need to see your storage requirement to understand how much storage space you will be required for storing your data.


The storage requirement will be varied depending on your daily data storage need. For the personal data storage, you might not require much storage space. People who are willing to purchase the HDD for business purpose then they should go for the highest storage space because they might require a good amount of storage to store the business document, customers file and order details, etc.


Spend some time to know your storage requirement and note down before you start searching for the HDD drive.




Speed is another factor that you should be considered while purchasing the portable hard drive. The data transfer speed should be maximum. Generally, data transfer speed is indicated such as USB 2.0 and 3.0. The 3.0 is the highest speed that you get on the HDD drive.


Fastest speed enables you to move the large files instantly from one device to another. It saves your time and gives you the ability to work efficiently.



Normally, all external hard drives are portable in nature. If you are looking for the high capacity most reliable external hard drive for the business storage, then you can go for the maximum capacity that available the market. There are many cool things to do with an external hard drive.


The max capacity HDD drive might be little large compared to portable hard drive. Portable hard drives are easy to carry with your laptop, and the high capacity drives are generally made for providing the external storage space to your gaming laptop. They will be bigger in size so carrying them might be difficult. You can keep them on the desk and use it as the storage drive for your laptop and computer.



The safety is essential for any device. Do not purchase any hard drive from the market. Always go with the reputed brands. Safety is the biggest concern in the data storage world. Your data will get hacked by the hacker if you do not work in the safe zone. You might find the hard drive of the unknown brand in the market. Never purchase such hard drives as they might have some back doors to steal your data.


Hacker can steal your bank details, email id password, etc. The safety criteria should be placed on the top of the list when you are purchasing the HDD drive from the market.



Portable HDD buying Guide with a list of HDD drives:


1) WD 4TB Black My Passport  Portable External Hard Drive:


The My Passport is beautiful looking hard drive available on the market. The passport size hard drive easily fits in your pocket. You can stock a massive volume of photos, videos and music files in the drive. The design of the HDD is vibrant and look awesome in the white and black colors. It is one of the best external hard drives for mac.



Few users have reported that the HDD has some software issues. According to them, Sometime it does not detected by windows PC.


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2) High-quality Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Portable External Hard Driver:


Looking for the large storage space in the compact size then this the HDD that you should purchase. The elegant looking HDD drive from the Seagate gives you plenty of storage space to the users. You can use the USB cable to plug the drive and move your data on the high speed 3.0 data transfer port. It is the ultimate solution for your data storage. It is the best external hard drive for photographers.



Quality is the biggest concern with the Seagate HDD drive. Many users have noticed the Seagate HDD drives stop running after few years of using it. The HDD start making beep sound that indicates the drive has some hardware problem to it. Long-term sustainability of the product looks problematic with the Seagate company.


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3) Toshiba HDTB410XK3AA Canvio:


Toshiba provides sleek HDD drive for storage space. The drive is most famous in the users all around the world. The design of the drive is very convenient. It offers high-speed data transfer facility without having any halt in the process. You get a seamless experience with the HDD drive.



Some buyers have reported that the HDD drive consistently crash in between the data transfer. It is very frustrating experience when you are transferring the large file, and suddenly it stops running. You have to start over again and wait until it finishes the data transfer.


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4) Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive:


It is one of the smallest HDD drives compared to other product. The slim portable drive can fit easily on your palm. You can share, store and protect your data in the small size HDD drive offer by Seagate. Now taking backup of your entire digital data is easy with the HDD.



Few buyers have reported various kinds of issue with the drives. Once the drive stopped running, recovering the stored data is another challenge that users have to face.


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Use Portable HDD buying Guide to decide which drive is the best for your requirement.

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