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How to Protect Your Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is designed for the types of people who are obsessed with games. These days’ video games come up with intense graphics, which require computer parts of greater efficiency compared to normal laptops. Gaming laptops utilize their energy at optimum capacity thus in the long run, they need special attention towards maintenance. The following are some of the ways on how to protect your gaming laptop.     Ventilation: During gameplay, your laptop runs at a full capacity...
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Graphic Cards: Cost vs performance

  The CPU of a computer is the brain of a computer, but when we are talking about gaming PC the beating heart that supplies pixel into your monitor is the graphic card. A graphic card in a computer consists of video memory and graphics processing unit (GPU) that controls all types for calculations, playing videos, mapping textures, and lighting surfaces. Simply and vividly saying the graphics card is the most important and vital part of your gaming laptop or...
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