How to Protect your Health while Gaming?


computer gaming health issues

Gaming on laptops and PC’s is popular among teenagers as well as adults today. However, it is important that you should pay attention to some of the essential factors below.

Specifically, it is important to think about your health while gaming.

Other than that, some of the other things that you could consider when gaming is to sit in a proper position. You should not feel you are sitting with discomfort, and your position should be perfect.

Also, there should be regular intervals while you play games without being seated for long hours repeatedly.

There are also other certain health issues related to protecting health while gaming. The article will also take you through some of the other tips to protect your health while gaming.


Different types of health issues


Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

Musculoskeletal disorders neck pain

The most common health problem while playing games is that you will feel discomfort in the position you are seated. For example, when you are seated in the same position for a long time, you will find trouble in your shoulders, neck, arms and your hands.

What you have to do is, it is good that you get adjusted to your surroundings. Try to use equipment that is going to give your body relaxation and use a relaxed body posture. What you could do is be careful about your posture, or if not you are going to end up with severe injuries or musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

For these, you could use comfortable postures, and keep your hands, fingers, relaxed. Taking breaks is also necessary while playing games to avoid health issues.




Photosensitive Seizures

dizzinessPhotosensitive seizures are common while playing games. When people look at visual images sometimes, they would feel dizziness. The seizures come when the gamers are looking at one image repeatedly. These gamers would feel that they are out of conscious.

What should be done at such kind of issues is that there should be intervals when playing the video games.  Once you feel that you have a seizure or your kid has a seizure attack, please stop the video game and consult a doctor, in that case, you could end the issue.

Some of the precautions to take are that you could sit a bit far away from the screen; the other option is that it is best to use a smaller screen and play the games in a well-lit room.

The other precaution is to stop playing the game once you feel that you are drowsy.


How to protect yourself from such issues?

Here is what you should do when you have such issues.  You will have to be seated comfortably to play the game and when you have extended gaming sessions try to relax a bit by standing and having a short interval.

When you are playing the game, you could use something to support your back. You could maybe use a chair for your lower back.

The leg posture will also matter. You could sit in a relaxing position and then for your shoulder and arm postures, be sure your upper arms fall in a relaxed way at your sides. Do not bend your neck too much because your neck will start to get pain.

Eyestrain is the other issue when playing games and so have your television’s brightness adjusted to suit your eye vision. Adjusting the screen brightness and using supportive for your back will be the best when playing games.


Ty to follow these tips when you are playing games because it would do well for you and your health. You would also enjoy gaming!

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