The History of Computer Gaming

Computer gaming has been something interesting from the very beginning. It was something addictive in the historical times, and still, it is. Today too many are interested in computer gaming, and they are attached to computer games. The article here will take you through the history of computer gaming and what it would be in the future.

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Computer gaming was introduced in the 1950s, and since then it has been bringing considerable profits to the entertainment industry. Nowadays, the gaming industry has become famous not only among kids but also even among the older adults.

Census has found out that, 42 percent of Americans are gamers and that also four out of five of U.S. population households have a console. Therefore, doesn’t this itself show you that there are many people out there attached to computer gaming. Computer gaming has become a significant hit!


In the historic days

In the historic days, the first ever game machine was found by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon in 1940, and it was found at the New York World’s Fair. The game was then detected based on an ancient mathematical game of Nim. About 50,000 people played this game at those times when it was displayed for about six months.

After that, once again Ralph Baer and his team introduced a game in 1967 as the “Brown Box.” The “Brown Box” was introduced with a set of vacuum tube-circuit that could be connected to a television set. In this gadget, two users were allowed to control cubes that chased each other on the screen.

The “Brown Box” introduced a variety of games such as the ping pong, checkers and four sports games. Later on, other accessories were introduced such as a light gun for a target shooting game. That was the first discovery in historical computer gaming.


The next grand step in computer gaming

The next step was the introduction of Arcade Gaming. The first companies that motivated public interest on arcade gaming were the Sega and Taito companies. They introduced electro-mechanical games such as the Periscope and Crown Special Soccer in 1966 and 1967.

Atari by Nolan Bushnell also made a benchmark in the field of arcade gaming.  The electronic video game Pong, by Atari, became one of the famous games and it became an essential item in shopping malls around the world.

The next concept that was introduced was the Multiplayer gaming concept. Chain restaurants in the US installed video games, and many players wanted to compete. On the same screen, multiple players were able to compete. The first game was  “Empire,” and up to eight players were able to compete at a time.

The next concept was the introduction of gaming consoles. It was in the 1970s that they became famous. Games such as gunfight were introduced during this period. These games were based on multiplayer human-to-human combat shooting.


Computer gaming in personal computers

Next came the era of computer gaming on personal computers. People used to be addicted to playing on personal computers, and when the Internet was introduced, multiplayer gaming became the fame. It allowed gaming fans to compete and interact from different computers, staying at different places.

Now even smartphones have the best games. People play games on smartphones, and they are glued to their phone screens. Most people love playing games on smartphones. Virtual reality gaming is what will be in the future.  It gives a 3D experience.

The VR gaming technology is one of the best experiences that you would get in the gaming world. That’s about the history of computer gaming.

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