What Can Gaming Laptops Do

I know that everyone who reads my blog is a gamer. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you might be dreaming of buying a Gaming Laptop for yourself. Sometimes even now, you might own a Gaming Laptop. But you might have a problem with your mind. Also, I had this in my mind a few years ago. Can I do my other day to day work from my Gaming Laptop? Or will I need to buy another Laptop for my work other than Gaming?

Manufacturers specially design Gaming Laptops for hard-core gamers, for long hours of Gaming. They include larger screens with complex cooling systems and the best processing hardware for improved performance. So it is just another laptop with more enhanced features. You can do all the tasks you did by your regular Laptop by a Gaming Laptop. Let’s see what you can do with Gaming Laptops.

what can gaming laptops do

What can Gaming Laptops Do?

  • Computer Gaming

Computer Gaming is the specialized subject for Gaming Laptops. As mentioned earlier, manufacturers design gaming laptops with enhanced features to run the latest Computer games without any lagging. Gaming Laptops have larger screens for larger viewports and latest and high-performance processing units for a better gaming experience. And they have advance cooling systems with high-speed fans to remove the heat generated by the high-performing processing hardware.

  • Video/ Audio/ Photo Editing

You can use your Gaming Laptop if you are doing Audio/Video or Photo editing. Usually, Video editing needs high-performance computers to run applications like Adobe Premier. They need high-speed processors and RAM with higher memory. So if you own a Gaming Laptop, then it will be the best option for your Video/ Audio and Photo editing tasks. 

  • Office Applications

Gaming is your hobby, but you are using Microsoft Excel for most of your office work. Do you need to buy a regular Laptop to run Microsoft Excel? No. Running Microsoft Excel application in Gaming Laptop is a simple task. It is like you are riding your Super Car to go to market. You can run your every Office application in your Gaming Laptop.

  • Graphic Design

For Graphic Designing, you need to run applications like Adobe Illustrator. They need a good Computer with better performance. So a gaming laptop is a good option for this.

  • 3D Animations

Doing 3D animations in a regular Laptop is a bit hard most of the time. Usually, it takes a large number of hours to render your 3D animation. So having a better performing Laptop is a must for this. And having a better cooling system also an advantage as it generated a lot of heat when the Application is rendering the 3d project.

  • Internet Browsing

You can browse the internet even from your mobile phone without any issues. So internet browsing is a simple task that a Gaming Laptop can do.

  • Youtubers and Bloggers

No matter if you are a Youtuber in your profession and a gamer in your leisure time. You can do both jobs from the same Gaming Laptop. YouTubers need to edit their videos, and Bloggers need to compose their articles and edit the images or graphics. These are simple tasks for a Gaming Laptop. 

  • Software & Mobile App Development

Software Developers need a Laptop with better performance. Development environments they use are too heavy for most of the regular Laptops. And they need better performance. So a Gaming Laptop for Software development is the right choice.

  • Web Designing & Development

Web developers also want some better performance Laptops. But most of the time, they can satisfy with the regular Laptops for the needs. But using your Gaming Laptop for Web development is not a bad idea at all.

  • Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is another task that can easily be done by a Gaming Laptop. A regular Laptop is more than enough for this.


Reasons to buy a Gaming Laptop for Non-Gamers

If you are not a gamer, you might wonder why I should buy a Gaming Laptop for my work. If you need a few of the following features, you can consider purchasing a Gaming Laptop for your non-gaming work.

  • Higher Performance

Higher performance is a crucial feature of a Gaming Laptop. Gaming Laptop manufacturers design their products to achieve higher performance. So if you think the tasks you do need higher performance, you can consider buying a Gaming Laptop. Some high-performance needing tasks include Video/ Photo and Audio editing, 3D Animations, Software Development, etc.

  • Appearance

Gaming Laptops generally has a better appearance. They have various colored LEDs to lite up the keyboard and screen back. And they are designed with multiple colors to make it more aesthetic. So if the appearance is a requirement for you, you may try a Gaming Laptop.

  • Larger Screen

Regular Laptops come with 15.6 inches screen most of the time. But usually, Gaming Laptops come with a 17 inches screen as it is using especially for games. So if you prefer a larger screen, you can choose a Gaming Laptop. Having a larger screen is an advantage if you are using your Laptop for Video editing or 3D animations.

  • Easiness to Upgrade

Computer Games are evolving rapidly. So Gaming Laptops also should upgrade more frequently. So the manufacturers build them quickly upgradable without much hassle. You can add extra RAM or replace the CPU with a new one. So if you need a Laptop with easily expandable hardware, you can go for a Gaming Laptop.

  • Quality Hardware

Manufacturers build Gaming Laptops with Quality hardware. The reason for this is more durability with hard use. Reliability is also a key reason for this. Having quality hardware makes the Laptop more reliable and durable. And it also reduces the risk of damaging the Laptop because of the generated heat while Gaming. So if you prefer to have a quality Laptop with quality hardware, you can purchase a Gaming Laptop. But always remember quality comes with an extra price tag.

Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of purchasing a Gaming Laptop for day to day work of non-gamers.

Disadvantages of buying a Gaming Laptop for Non-Gamers

Purchasing a Gaming Laptop to your day to day office work is just like riding a Supercar to go to the market daily. Car companies build Supercars mostly for high-speed racing purposes. But if you have one, you can ride it to the market as well even though it is not the intended use of the Supercar. Let’s discuss the reason for this here.

  • Initial Cost

Gaming Laptops are way too expensive than regular Laptops. The main reason for this is the hardware used for it. Gaming Laptops have quality hardware, as discussed above. And they are designed for higher performance to work with complex games. And they have inbuilt complex cooling systems to reduce the heat generated by the processing hardware. So the price of the Gaming Laptop becomes higher than the regular Laptop.

If you are not a gamer and planning to buy a laptop for day to day office work, then you should reconsider whether you need to spend this extra price tag for a Gaming Laptop or should you buy a regular Laptop for your work. 

  • Less Portability¬†

Gaming Laptops are usually heavier than regular Laptops. The main reason for this is the larger screen and the sophisticated cooling system. Gamers need a larger screen to see clearly about the environment of their game. And the advanced cooling system is a must for a Gaming Laptop. Games do not carry their Gaming Laptop to all the places they travel. So portability is not a crucial factor for gamers. 

If you bring your Laptop every day to your office or your workplace, lightweight is a vital factor for you. Now you have to compromise the heavier weight of a Gaming Laptop to the advantages of it. If your need is to carry your Laptop to every place you travel, then you should consider a regular laptop with lightweight. If not, you can go for a Gaming Laptop, which is much heavier and bigger.

  • Maintenance Cost

As mentioned in the earlier section, Gaming Laptops use quality and branded hardware. They are reliable but costly to replace. If one piece of hardware is broken, you will need to replace that piece of hardware with the same model. That is usually costly to replace. And the Gaming Laptops should service at regular intervals. Generally, you should service your Laptop by a certified technician once or twice a year. So as discussed, maintaining a Gaming Laptop also a bit expensive.


As discussed above, you can use your Gaming Laptop for all tasks you can do with a regular Laptop. But Gaming Laptops are costly to buy and maintain. And the portability is less because of the larger size of it. So you need to reconsider purchasing a Gaming Laptop with your requirements. But if you already have a Gaming Laptop, you do not need to buy a regular Laptop for your day to day work. You can simply do all of them in your Gaming Laptop.

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